Ranker Testimonials

Pranav Sharma


"I found THE GATE ACADEMY test series really helpful during my preparation. It contains a lot of tests & questions which tests your concepts really well. The questions provided gives a complete picture to a candidate before the actual exam. Subject wise & Full length tests were really helpful while preparation."

Priyanka Gupta


"homeGATE is a very unique feature devised by THE GATE ACADEMY to help GATE aspirants study at their own pace sitting at home. It consists of comprehensive lectures of all topics & doubt clearing sessions prepared IIT and IISc Faculties. It is an ideal self-study material for GATE aspirant."

Anshul Goel


"I like the homeGATE initiative by THE GATE ACADEMY, which has student friendly interface & unique approach to prioritize learning. This course is for both students & working professionals who can opt to study anytime which makes it easy to crack exam, Test series & full length tests helped a lot during the preparation"

Mukesh Poonia


"THE GATE ACADEMY's distance learning programs like usbGATE , Video Lectures are really helpful for students staying in remote areas. The study materials, quality of teaching and reasonable course price are boon for me in achieving Rank 2 in GATE exam."

Idris Mustafa


"I had given the online test series of the GATE Academy and found it quite useful in my preparation. The GATE Academy test series is full of conceptual questions which helped me brush the topics that I had studied and also contains a lot of questions that one can expect in actual GATE paper. I recommend its test series to all the GATE 2020 aspirants."

Shubham Mittal


"The major difference between homeGATE & other video courses is that it creates a virtual classroom environment in which students sitting at home can clear their doubts & queries during on-going lecture. This program is very helpful for students studying in their final year or 3rd year of engineering. Students can kick-start their preparation through the program by learning new concepts & question solving tricks from subject experts.
homeGATE is a complete package for GATE preparation. It contains live video classes, recorded lectures with test series. Recorded lectures are divided on the basis of GATE subjects which is further classified into topics mentioned in GATE syllabus. Classification of video lectures helps student in mapping syllabus with their preparation. Bookmarking feature helps in remembering the video which contains important concept or trick."

Rahul Kashyap


"My desire was to pursue higher studies (post BTech) in prestigious institutes, which essentially needed elevating my knowledge base "next to superior level" and crack GATE exam. At THE GATE ACADEMY, the very first class was extremely impressive, triggered inspiration that boosted my confidence level. Through qualitative teaching pattern TGA has indeed moulded my journey of study into a structured and methodical one. TGA provides very good and motivating atmosphere to GATE Aspirants."

Manoj N. Dixit


"I humbly thank TGA for having given such a wonderful bunch of highly knowledgeable professors from various IITs and IISc, who put themselves in the shoes of the students, understand their instincts and respond accordingly. Their selfless rendering of the subjects has motivated me to accomplish what I have. All professors were so humble that they used to share their experiences with all students openly. The humongous resource (study materials, video lectures, section tests etc) online and offline encouraged me to read the subjects and practice well. The provision of the online virtual calculator and mock tests enabled me to experience the GATE exam environment which, I feel, is an essential requirement for a GATE aspirant."

Alok Shakti


"Courses of THE GATE ACADEMY, study material, and test series helped me in securing such a good rank. Especially The study material helped me in preparing background and basics in all subjects."

Tarun Gupta


"I had joined The Gate Academy test series and it played a very crucial role in my success. The test series contained very conceptual questions which helped me in revising my concepts thoroughly. I wish to thank The gate academy for providing such a good test series at a very reasonable price."

Sneha Pandey


"I joined online test series of THE GATE Academy. It has lots of questions to have great practices in each subject and tells about the weakness and strength which helped me in the improvement of the subject. The online test series closely resembles actual GATE exam. I thank THE GATE Academy for their support in my preparation."

Himanshu Singh

AIR-18, EC

"THE GATE Academy test series helped me a lot in boosting the confidence to crack the GATE Exam. The guidance from videos that were uploaded from time to time helped my preparation."

GATE Rank Predictor

Ashish Behera


"In one year’s time, I was able to prepare for GATE exam with the help of THE GATE ACADEMY and faculties. GATE Focused study materials and online mock tests helped me know my strengthen & weakness to prepare accordingly. I wish all the best to all GATE aspirants and suggest them to go through GATE coaching in case the basics are not clear."

Vinod Datusliya

AIR-1, Gate Regn. No: ME41241089

"E Lectures helped me a lot in making a head start in the right direction. It helped whenever I got stuck in any topic. Mock Tests across 50 centers helped me judge my progress both on individual and comparative basis."

R.V Praveen

GATE Regn. No: IN209335 AIR: 1

I am Praveen. I got AIR 1 in Instrumentation stream. I want to dedicate this to my parents and to the Gate Academy faculty. Gate Academy coaching helped me tremendously to update myself continuously. I was very impressed with the way they taught each topic in different sessions with separate material for each session.



The study material of THE GATE ACADEMY was very helpful in achieving good rank. The faculties are very helpful and knowledgeable. The Test Series which they are provide have played a keen role in achieving good rank.

Sampat Singh Bhatti

GATE Regn. No. : XE 8188387 AIR : 1

I took up mechanical coaching at THE GATE ACADEMY as there is no separate coaching for Engineering Sciences in India and Mechanical and Engineering sciences have more or less common topics. I feared that cracking GATE would be very difficult because I started my preparations very late but the counsellors and teachers guided me.

Thaduri Naveen


The experienced faculties of THE GATE ACADEMY are very helpful in understanding the concept. Video Lectures helped me in clearing my doubts. Test Series helped me to boost my confident, enhancing my understanding, time management, & realizing my weak areas. I thank THE GATE ACADEMYfor helping me achieving Rank 1

Ramesh Kamulla


THE GATE ACADEMY's distance learning programs like usbGATE. Video Lectures are really helpful for students staying in remote areas. The study materials, quality of teaching and reasonable course price are boon for me in achieving Rank 6 in GATE exam.

Gaush Alam


The unique classroom session and test series helped me a lot in achieving the result. The friendly faculties helped me in understanding the concepts and improved my time management skills. I am thankful to TGA's innovative teaching methods and the individual attention of faculties towards each student.

Raja Majhi


I heard about THE GATE ACADEMY from the seniors who were benefited with TGA Muck test series. I had good knowledge of subject but I was lacking practice. TGA mock test series helped me a lot. TGA provides you best possible products and services, so choose the best!

Ashish Verma


I owe my success in GATE'16 to THE GATE ACADEMY. The test series was excellent and the questions were as per the GATE standard. It not only helped in clarifying my doubts but also helped in strengthening my concepts.

Dipendra Singh


I was not able to make my basics sound. THE GATE ACADEMY is the only institute where I was able to streghthen my basis. Online test series helped a lot. In the exam none of the question looks new to me. i would recommend my friends to choose TGA for its excellent study material.

J Kranthi K Reddy


Before joining THE GATE ACADEMY I was facing problem with time management and concept clarity. After joining THE GATE ACADEMY my problems were solved, and I was able to prepare well. I would say any student with least knowledge of basic concepts can crack GATE if he/she joins THE GATE ACADEMY.