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THE GATE ACADEMY, a premier institute that provides quality GATE & Govt. Jobs Coaching by using the Latest Technology.

Empowering the engineers of the future: We are planning to organize “National Engineering Challenge” NEC 2016 (link below). NEC is India’s largest Engineering Challenge and was a big success in last year.

Nitin Rakesh Prasad, Co-founder, THE GATE ACADEMY, commented, “National Engineering Challenge 2016 is one of the biggest and the most prestigious scholarship quizzes in India for engineering students.

THE GATE ACADEMY, the premier institution for quality GATE education driven by technology and coaching, holds a National Level Engineering Quiz to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent in the field of engineering.

E-learning: A matter of need more than choice. – With inputs from Mr. Ritesh Raushan, Co-Founder and Director, The Gate Academy.

Gate 2016: Tips to crack the exam by – Mr. Nitin Rakesh Prasad, Co-founder, THE GATE ACADEMY

For long, the General Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) has been considered one of the toughest to crack in India. Every year, this engineering exam sees thousands of students putting their knowledge of science and engineering-based undergraduate subjects to test. – By Nitin Rakesh Prasad

Even many top private companies prefer GATE-qualified candidates as the score is considered a valid accreditation. As the test is conducted by the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institutes of Technology, the benchmark is quite high,” says Nitin Rakesh Prasad, co-founder of The Gate Academy, an institute that trains students for the exam.

The enormity of the Indian education system is known to all and this trait of our system makes it complex and more difficult to induce changes. It has one of the largest higher education infrastructures in the world, which has more than 624 universities and 37, 204 colleges. – By Ritesh Raushan, Co-founder, The Gate Academy

Coaching institutes decry JEE revamp. Ritesh Raushan, co-founder of the Gate Academy , said, “Coaching is not a problem; it is a symptom of a problem. The root problem is lack of quality teachers across all levels of education. It is compounded by the disconnect between examination pattern of board and competitive exams.”

Nitin Rakesh Prasad. Director THE GATE ACADEMY, delves into the GATE versus GRE conundrum and comes up with some points that students would be well advised to consider.

GATE and GRE are the two exam that can help you realize your dream of studying in a foreign university. Here is how to decide which one to take.

Engineering is considered a lucrative career and hence has been one of the most sought after options for many students in India for years now. The number of engineering graduates increasing in the country has raised the yardstick of good job requisites in many companies.

On the basis of article on ‘E-learning Becomes An Essential In India!’ shared with Business World, we have garnered an online coverage highlighting Mr. Ritesh Raushan’s expert opinion highlighting ‘the success of Online education in rural India’.

The GATE academy started its distance learning courses in 2010 and for the GATE exam held in 2011, about 40 students registered for the course. There are over 70,000 enrolments under free subscription and officials said that most enrolments were from Tier III and IV cities.

The Gate Academy has initiated an awareness programme called LakshyaGate.

An Added Advantage : A degree in MBA opens up a lucrative career path for engineers. It also makes you stand out from your peers, writes Ritesh Raushan

THE GATE ACADEMY, the premier institution for quality GATE education driven by technology and coaching, initiates an awareness programme called LakshyaGATE.

The schedule for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2015 were announced recently. Keeping in mind the aim to enhance the aspirants’ future, and in order to help them explore a world of opportunities beyond their graduate degree, the GATE Academy is conducting GATE awareness programme called LakshyaGATE all over India.

Gate Academy, a GATE exam preparation company, hosted the final round of National Engineering Challenge (NEC) 2015 on July 19.

THE GATE ACADEMY, the premier institution for quality GATE education driven by technology and coaching, hosted the much-awaited final round of National Engineering Challenge (NEC) 2015 today.

THE GATE ACADEMY, the premier institution for quality GATE education driven by technology and coaching, hosted the much-awaited final round of National Engineering Challenge (NEC) 2015 today.

THE GATE ACADEMY, the premier institution for quality GATE education driven by technology and coaching, hosted the much-awaited final round of National Engineering Challenge (NEC) 2015 today.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a competitive exam that is held at the national level for admission into various post-graduate programs in top institutes. As the GATE score shows the aptitude level of students in undergraduate science and engineering subjects, it is now being actively used by Public Sector Undertakings for recruiting the right talent.

Appreciating PM’s vision, Ritesh Raushan, Director and Co-founder, THE GATE ACADEMY, said, “Demographic dividend can be leveraged only if the working population is skilled and employable.