GATE Score Calculator

GATE Score Calculator

The GATE exam culminates into a GATE score, which then determines an engineering student’s future! The GATE 2014 exams are over and students are eagerly waiting for their GATE results and scorecard. Meanwhile, students have already started preparing for GATE 2015. The pressure, excitement and enthusiasm seem to be relentless. We, at THE GATE ACADEMY, are always a part of this, with our students either awaiting results or preparing for the GATE exam. As part of our initiatives to handhold and support students, we have introduced the GATE Score Calculator. But before we go there, let us understand why the GATE score is so important.

GATE Score Calculator

Significance of the GATE Score

The GATE score allows students many privileges.
  • Seek admission to the top institutes across the country to pursue post graduation in engineering and technology. This includes the IITs.
  • Get recruited by leading PSUs in the country. For GATE 2014, there are 15 major PSUs hiring through the GATE exam.
  • Depending on how good the GATE score is, a student can seek part scholarship for their post graduation.
  • All major MNCs and private companies in the country consider the GATE score as a benchmark for hiring.

How the GATE Score Calculator Works

For GATE 2014, papers for CE, CS, EC, EE and ME were held in multi-session exams; therefore a normalization concept is applied to eliminate differences in difficulty that may have occurred depending on the streams. This normalization marks are thus calculated based on the following formula:

The GATE score is then calculated based on the following formula:
Courtesy: IIT Kharagpur website

Students are eager to know their GATE scores, but the formulas are too complex. This is the reason we launched the GATE Score Calculator. All you need to do is to enter your contact details, like name, email ID and phone number, and of course your marks and choose your stream. The GATE Score Calculator tool will give you an estimate of what you can expect your actual GATE score to be. For added convenience, you can login using your Facebook ID instead of filling in your contact details.