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by / Wednesday, 15 November 2017 / Published in Technical Corner

Real Life Application
A study of management of wastewater produced from a city. It involves the transportation of wastewater from various parts of the city to a wastewater treatment plant, where it the concentration of effluents are reduced so that it can be safely disposed in a source.

The wastewater generated from a city is a potential hazard and cannot be disposed directly. It is first taken to a treatment plant, by sewers, where necessary treatment is carried out to remove the prime impurity, which is organic matter, present in wastewater. The wastewater treatment facility consists of various treatments like Screening, grit chamber, primary sedimentation tank, biological treatment, secondary sedimentation tank, sludge digestors and sludge drying beds. The main treatment is the biological treatment where organic matter is removed by micro-organisms from the wastewater and then the treated effluents can be disposed in the source.

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