After a lot of hard work and good knowledge of basic concepts it is good time for you to revise the concepts along-with the uncovered subjects.   Divide all the subjects into two groups: Group-1 includes:Subjects which you feel easy. These are Target Subjects Example: For EE stream- Subject1- Engineering Mathematics – 15% Subject

A lot of students plan to switch their stream for or PSU through GATE exam. Is it really possible to change stream through GATE and get good score? Yes it is, GATE gives you this flexibility of changing your stream. To support this answer we have Sreyans Nahata’s ( AIR 9) experience on this.

  Education has gone through a great deal of revolution over the years and these days education has taken a new turn. It has moved to a new concept known as online learning. Online learning today provides a quality alternative to on-the-ground courses. It offers a lot of flexibility for students. Students has the liberty to choose