Solid Mechanics

Solid Mechanics


Solid Mechanics

The subject deals with the study of effect of forces on deformable or real world objects. The major objectives of the subject are (i) to determine maximum stress (internal forces) and maximum deformations in the object and (ii) to know about the factors that control these maximum values. Principles of Solid Mechanics are widely applied in design and analysis of machine components and structures.

This subject contains marks weightage of 6 to 7 in GATE Mechanical Engineering & Civil Engineering. This course contains gate study material for Solid Mechanics which includes online recorded video lectures, online test series, e-books prepared by IIT and IISc graduates.

Course Title E-Books Video Lectures Online Tests
Analysis of Stress and Strain Yes 5+ Hrs 1
Eulers Theory of Coloums Yes 1+ Hrs 1
SFD and BMD Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Simple Stress and Strain Yes 6+ Hrs 1
Slope and Deflection Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Strain Energy and Resillience Yes 1+ Hrs 1
Stresses in Beams Yes 3+ Hrs 1
Thin Cylinder Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Torsion Yes 2+ Hrs 1

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