Reinforced Concrete Cement

Reinforced Concrete Cement


Reinforced Concrete Cement

Concrete is one of the most common building material and gained so much of popularity because of development of reinforced concrete. Introducing the reinforcing bars in concrete makes it an excellent composite building material which can resist a significant amount of tensile stresses and strains also. Construction of load bearing elements like beams, columns, slabs, footing, etc is made possible due to the reinforced concrete only. the result of reinforcement details makes the subject very interesting.

As per GATE point of view the subject carries almost 5-7 marks. In GATE exam, only LIMIT STATE METHOD is in syllabus and also they ask only analysis part and not from designing part as it carries a lot of assumptions for design. One more part of this subject is Prestressed Concrete which carries 2-3 marks out of 5-7 marks which gives it separate importance. So overall it is very interesting and scoring subject.

Course Title E-Books Video Lectures Online Tests
Analysis and Design of Slabs and Staircase Yes 1+ Hrs 1
Concrete Technology Yes 3+ Hrs 1
Design of Prestressed Concrete Yes 1+ Hrs 1
Limit State Method and IS code recommendations Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Limit State Of Collapse_Compression Yes 1+ Hrs 1
Limit State Of Collapse_Flexure Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Limit State Of Collapse_Shear Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Limit State Of Collapse_Torsion Yes 1+ Hrs 1
Working Stress Method Yes 1+ Hrs 1


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