Power Systems

Power Systems


Power Systems

An electric power system is a network of electrical components used to supply, transmit and use electric power. Electric power has become increasingly important as a way of transmitting and transforming energy in industrial, military and transportation uses. Electric power used in transportation systems like electric trains, electric transmission systems for ships, aircraft launch and recovery systems, electric cars and buses. Electric power systems are also at the heart of alternative energy systems, including wind and solar electric, geothermal and small scale hydroelectric generation. In this course we study the concepts of Transmission lines, Fault Studies, Load Flow, Circuit Breaker, Relay etc.

This Subject contains marks weightage of 10 to 11 in GATE Electrical Engineering & Instrumentation Engineering. This course contains gate study material for Power Systems which includes online recorded video lectures, online test series, e-books prepared by IIT and IISc graduates.

Course Title E-Books Video Lectures Online Tests
Fault Analysis Yes 10+ Hrs 1
Power Systems Stability Yes 4+ Hrs 1
Load Flow Studies Yes 4+ Hrs 1
Transmission Lines Yes 14+ Hrs 1
Protection Yes 3+ Hrs 1
Insulators, Cables & Distribution Yes 5+ Hrs 1

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