Operating System

Operating System


Operating System

The Operating System is a system software which, when loaded into computer, manages all the other programs of a computer. The other programs are called application programs.

Abbreviated as OS, Operating System is a powerful, large and important program. All the computers, laptops, tablet, desktop, smartphones work on operating system. Some examples include Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS.

The smartphone which we use runs on either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android Operating systems. An operating system is also used in larger systems like cars, traffic signals, ATM’s, aeroplane controls, point of sales (POS) terminals, elevators, digital cameras and others. The OS used is called – embedded operating systems.

Course Title E-Books Video Lectures Online Tests
Deadlocks Yes 5+ Hrs 1
File System and I/O Management Yes 8+Hrs 1
Inter Process Communication, Synchronization and Concurrency Yes 11+ Hrs 1
Introduction to Operating System Yes 7+ Hrs 1
Memory Management Yes 16+ Hrs 1
Process Management [Including Threads and CPU Scheduling] Yes 10+ Hrs 1

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