Open Channel Flow

Open Channel Flow


Open Channel Flow

Open channel is a conduit in which a liquid flows with a free surface.In civil engineering applications, water is the most common liquid with air at atmospheric pressure as the overlying fluid. As such our attention will be chiefly focused on the flow of water with a free surface. In a engineering practice, activities for utlization of water resources involve open channels of varying magnitudes in one way or the others. Flows in natural rivers,streams and rivulets,artifical; i.e mam - made canals for transmitting water from a source to a place of need, such as for irrigation, water supply and hydropower generation; sewers that carry domestic or industrial waste waters, navigation channels are all examples of open channels in their diverse roles. This subject is important for gate exam, every year 3 to 4 marks question is coming in gate exam paper. Every topics of this subject are important.

This subject contains marks weightage of 15 to 16 in GATE Civil Engineering. This course contains gate study material for Open Channel Flow which includes online recorded video lectures, online test series, e-books prepared by IIT annd IISc graduates.

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Open Channel Flow Yes 6+ Hrs 1

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