Electromagnetic Theory

Electromagnetic Theory


Electromagnetic Theory

Electromagnetic Theory is one of the most interesting subjects that a student can ever learn. Light, X-rays, Microwaves, carriers for mobile and other communication are the Electro-Magnetic waves. In this subject, Initially learn the origin and the nature of Electric and Magnetic Fields from the laws governing the respective fields i.e., Guass law, Coulombs law for Electric Fields, Ampere’s Law and Biot-Saverts Law for Magnetic Fields. And then using Maxwell’s set of Equations and Faradays law, we see the dependency of Electric and Magnetic Fields on each other and finally how the EM waves propagate in free space, Dielectrics and also in Guided Media like Waveguides and Transmission lines.

This subject contains marks weightage of 7 to 8 for Electronics & Communication Engineering. This course contains gate study material for Electromagnetic Theory which includes online recorded video lectures, online test series, e-books prepared by IIT and IISc graduates.

Course Title E-Books Video Lectures Online Tests
Electrostatics Yes 4+ Hrs 1
Magnetostatics Yes 8+ Hrs 1
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Yes 7+ Hrs 1
Waveguides Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Transmission Lines Yes 2+ Hrs 1
Antennas Yes 1+ Hrs 1

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