Digital Circuits

Digital Circuits


Digital Circuits

Digital Circuits involves the design of electronic circuits which deal with digital signals which are represented in 0s and 1s. Design of digital systems is primarily classified in to system design, logic design and circuit design of which we majorly focus of logic design. Digital circuits also called as switching circuits are classified in to combinational and sequential circuits. The former does not have memory whereas the later has memory. Digital systems are used extensively in computation and data processing, control systems, communications, and measurement. As an extension to the subject we also study about the microprocessors in which we extensively study about 8085.

This subject contains marks weightage of 8 to 9 in GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering, 11 to 12 marks in Instrumentation Engineering, marks weightage of 5 to 6 in GATE Electrical Engineering. This course contains gate study material for Digital Circuits which includes online recorded video lectures, online test series, e-books prepared by IIT and IISc graduates

Course Title E-Books Video Lectures Online Tests
Number Systems and Code Conversions Yes 10+ Hrs 1
Boolean Algebra and Karnaugh Maps Yes 8+ Hrs 1
Introduction to Digital Circuits Yes 1+Hrs 1
Logic Gates Families Yes 3+ Hrs 1
Combinational and Sequential Digital Circuits Yes 12+ Hrs 1
Introduction to Microprocessor Yes 8+ Hrs 1
Sequential Circuits Yes 12+ Hrs 1

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