Design and Analysis of Algorithm

Design and Analysis of Algorithm


Design and Analysis of Algorithm

An algorithm can be described as a procedure or formula for problem solving. This goal is achieved by performing Design and Analysis of Algorithms that together emphasise on constructing a solution for given problem in the most efficient way. In this, different algorithm designs are analysed so that one can get the most efficient approach to solve any problem while consuming the minimum computer resources i.e. time and space complexity.

Algorithms can be used in many areas, and they are often represented in flowchart form for visual understanding. In other words, a flowchart is a diagram that represents an algorithm, showing the steps in various boxes and displays the process by connecting the boxes together. They are widely used in various areas of Industry, computer programming, mathematics and daily lives.

It’s among the important subjects of GATE because of the number of questions asked and its weightage. Hence, the total weightage tends to be around 8 to 10 marks.

Course Title E-Books Video Lectures Online Tests
Introduction To Algorithm & Time Complexity Yes 4+ Hrs 1
Divide And Conquer Yes 6+ Hrs 1
Greedy Techniques Yes 1+ Hrs 1
Graph Algorithms And Tree Yes 3+ Hrs 1
Hashing Yes 1+ Hrs 1


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