Real Life Application: Velocity analysis is prerequisite for acceleration analysis which further leads to force analysis which is the base for design of any machine element. Velocity Analysis: By velocity analysis we determine the velocity characteristics (linear and angular) of all links of a mechanism at a given configuration, when the input velocity is specified.

Real Life Application To find out net amount of rain it is required to analyses the amount of losses. Infiltration is a loss to us when net rainfall is concerned. As a water resource engineer it is important for us to know the amount of losses so that to know the amount of rain which

Real Life Application: In saturation region JFET will act as an amplifier. Input impedance offered by this device is very high so we can use as input component of voltage amplifier. Packing density is higher than BJTs. Explanation: Source: Terminal which will provide majority charge carrier to device is known as Source. Drain: Terminal which

Real life application: In daily life we are using semiconductor devices. LED are one of them whom we are using in TV remote, traffic signals etc. The materials required to make those devices are direct band gap material.   Explanation: Indirect Band gap material: During recombination if electron from conduction band is not coming to

Real Life Applications: Whenever a load is applied on a deformable solid, to find out whether the load will cause failure or not is decided by stress. Strength of the material is the stress the material can take up to failure. To understand the strength of the material concept of stress should be clear Explanantion:

Real Life Application A study of water supply system, starting from the intake of the water from a source and then caring out the necessary treatment for the purification of the water so that it is safe for potable purpose and can be supplied to a city. Explanation The raw water engineering involves the determination

Real Life Application It can be applied to Transformers to find out the instantaneous polarity of induced emf.   Explanation To understand the operation of Transformer with clarity it’s important to visualize the secondary induced emf and flux flow in the transformer core. Emf will be induced in any coil if the flux linkage changes

Real Life Application It can be applied to any Electrical machine like DC generator, Induction motor, Synchronous generator.   Explanation To understand all the Electrical Machines with clarity it’s important to have basic idea of the relation between Electric Current and Magnetic Field Relations between Electric Current and Magnetic Field: A steady current produces a

Explanation:             The pipelining is a technique of decomposing a sequential process into sub operations, with each sub process being executed in a special dedicated segment that operate concurrently with all the segments. A pipeline can be visualized a collection of processing segments through which binary information flows. The pipeline concept is organized into two

The instantaneous center of velocity (IC) is a unique reference point which momentarily has a velocity of zero magnitude. Thus, as far as velocities are concerned, the body seems to rotate about the instantaneous center, that is, the velocity of any point on the rigid body is simply the angular velocity of the rigid body times