How to Prepare for the 2014 GATE Exam

How to Prepare for the 2014 GATE Exam

Did you know that only about 14 percent of the students who appeared for the GATE exam qualified in 2013? According to statistics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), a total of 9,84,855 candidates appeared for GATE 2013, of which only 1,36,699 cleared the exam.

While the GATE exam is one of the most competitive examinations in India, one way to get an edge over the competition is by preparing early. With the 2014 GATE exam just a few months away, there is no better time to start preparing for the exam than right now.

Just as preparing early is important, finding the right way to prepare is crucial. Read on for some useful tips about how to prepare for the 2014 GATE exam.

Tips on Preparing for the 2014 GATE Exam

Before you start preparing for the 2014 GATE Exam, you have many things to consider, such as whether you should to prepare on your own or join a GATE coaching centre, how you should overcome your weaknesses and maximize your strengths. Here are top 4 tips on how to prepare for GATE 2014.

  1. Know the syllabus – Start by downloading the GATE 2014 syllabus on your subject. Read through the syllabus in detail, and try recognising the areas where you need to put maximum efforts. Then consider whether GATE coaching can help you improve on those areas quickly.
  2. Improve on your basic concept – A majority of GATE questions aim to judge whether you have the basic concepts right. Don’t expect definitions, but you can surely expect questions that will make you think. In most cases, there will be two or three very close options. Without sound knowledge of the basic concept, it will be hardly possible for you to identify the right answer.
  3. Study and solve previous years’ question papers – Studying previous GATE papers helps you recognize the pattern of GATE question papers, and which question types are most common in the exam. In general, GATE papers include many questions related to master’s program; so strategise your preparation accordingly. Solving previous year’s GATE papers helps you evaluate your aptitude, and recognize the areas that need improvement.
  4. Prepare notes – For best results, develop of habit of preparing notes. During your graduation, you may have skipped reading some chapters or topics. It is time that you start preparing notes on those topics. Preparing notes helps you gain a deeper insight into the subject.

Ideally, it would be better if you can join an acclaimed GATE coaching centre that provides student-centric guidance from expert teachers and previous GATE toppers.