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600 hrs of Online (Live + VoD) Classroom Sessions – via internet:You receive 600 hours of (Live + VoD)sessions from IIT/IISc alumni via the internet.

Study Materials- Books: 12 to 14 GATE Focused Books. Get theory, questions, Solutions.

Quick Refresher Guide – Book: Important concepts and formulae Book for last minute revisions.

Subject Test – Online: 500+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 10 Subjects.

Sectional Tests – Online: 800+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 40 Chapters.

12 All India Mock GATE Test Series with Video Solutions
[ 2 Part Tests+10 Full length Tests ] – Online:
12 National level Online Test Series will be open to the students on the announced dates.

Full Length Practice Test – Online: 8 Online Test Based on latest GATE Syllabus available from day one.

Post GATE Guidance Information – Online: Online Guidance on how to best use GATE Score for Admissions.

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