GATE Score Booster – Most Important Questions to Study in Last 15 Days

Students forget nearly 40% of what they study within a day. To solve this, THE GATE ACADEMY is launching GATE Score Booster (Power Pack Classes), for all the GATE students with Most Important Questions.

GATE Score Booster provides FREE Revision Classes (Power Pack) on the most important questions from the selective subjects for engineering streams ME, CE, CS, EC, IN, and EE.

Boost your GATE exam score by learning from India's best GATE Experts (IIT and IISc)!!!

The GATE Score Booster covers detailed solutions with the concepts for most important subjects from which questions are frequently asked in the GATE exam. It helps the student to boost GATE score with high-quality questions.

GATE Score Booster recommends the most important questions to practice and study for cracking GATE exam with flying colors.

Stay Ahead of Exam Preps with GATE SCORE BOOSTER

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