Concept of Drift

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Real Life Application This concept will be very helpful in choosing the type of material according to the requirement. It also gives a basic idea about semiconductors. Explanation Semiconductors are preferred in case of Electronic devices as it is required to have control over the flow of charge carriers which is unlikely in metals. In

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem: “This theorem is basically implementation of concept of maxima and minima in the network to get the condition for maximum power to be transferred to load”. Any Linear, bilateral network by the Thevenin’s theorem can be replace by single voltage source and series resistance. 1. Load is purely resistive and variable.

Real Life Application Finding out stresses in cylinders due to high pressure fluids inside them is very important in designing boilers and other type of pressure vessels. The boilers etc. are used extensively in thermal power plants. Explanation In the analysis of thin cylinders, we assume that the material along thickness in radial direction is

Thevenin’s theorem: Thervenin’s theorem states that any two terminal, linear, bilateral network can be replaced by an equivalent circuits consisting of a voltage source and series resistor with it. Where equivalent voltage (Vth) is voltage across the open circuited terminal pair and equivalent resistant(Rth) is a resistance seen from open circuited terminal, when all the

Real life Application- The analysis in orthogonal machining helps in determining the power required for machining, the rigidity of machine tool, the temperature induced and hence the hot hardness temperature, and eventually the quality of production. Explanation- The orthogonal cutting operation is the one where in the cutting edge is perpendicular to the cutting velocity

Real Life Application Breakage of mild steel (ductile) in tension occurs at a plane of 45° and of cast iron (brittle) in tension occurs at a plane of 0°. The answers for the above are in this chapter. Explanation Analysis of stress aims in making sure the stress on any arbitrary plane to be less

Degrees of Freedom(DOF): → DOF indicates Minimum number of independent co-ordinates required to describe the position and motion of the system. → Degrees of freedom of a pair is defined as the number of independent relative motions, both translational and rotational a pair can have. Note: 1. Unconstrained rigid body in space describes 6 DOF.

Limits, fits and tolerances are the very important for designing and manufacturing. As we know accuracy does not exist anywhere, the only thing we can do is to try to approach the true value as close as possible. So, to provide a little flexibility to a manufacturer the designer makes use of tolerances and fits,


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