Real Life Application The p-n junction is a versatile element, which can be used as a rectifier, as an isolation structure and as a voltage-dependent capacitor. In addition, they can be used as solar cells, photodiodes, light emitting diodes and even laser diodes. They are also an essential part of Metal-Oxide-Silicon Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs)

Application This topic will be helpful to classify real-time systems based on properties like Memory, dependence on present, past and future values of inputs, behavior of system wrt time etc. This type of classification helps us to design systems based on requirement. Explanation System can be defined as meaningful connection of devices which produces required

Stress is basically the internal resistive for induced inside the material per unit area. This internal resistive force will be induced inside the material only when the material is in equilibrium. Normal stress is the stress induced inside the material when the load is acting perpendicular to area of cross section and shear stress is

Maxima and Minima is a very important concept of calculus. We can use this concept in real life scenario whenever we want to make optimal usage of available resources so that profit is maximized. Explanation To understand the concept with clarity it’s important to have basic idea of derivative, Increasing and Decreasing functions. Derivative in

Real Life Application Torsion occurs in the machine elements of shafts like drive shafts, power shafts of automobiles etc. It also occurs in many other applications where rotatory components are present. This topic helps us to understand to keep the stresses induced to be in safe limits. Explanation To understand the concept with clarity it’s

Superposition Principle: Super position is only valid in linear circuits. So firstly discuss about linearity. Linearity is defined by two principles Homogenity Additivity Homogenity If input is scaled by some constant factor, then output should also be scaled by same constant factor. One more very important fact to justify the homogenity is., if input is

Riser Design 1. When a molten metal is paused into the cavity its temperature then is , much higher than its melting point. 2. Say, if its melting point is 500°C , then its pausing temperature would be around 700°C. 3. This difference between pausing and melting point is known as “Degree of superheat”. 4.

Real Life Application Finding out stress in any component is very important to make sure that the component do not get failed. Anywhere in day to day life where ever stress in the component reaches failure stress then the particular component fails. Explanation When multiple loads are acting on a prismatic bar on different parts

< Real Life Application In this topic, Basics of Electrical Machines, the Principles of Electromechanical Energy Conversion Devices and the Relations between Electric field and Magnetic field are explained whose real life applications are immense. For example, all the DC Machines and the AC Machines are derived from these theories and are being used in

Basic Method of Analysis 1. Nodal Analysis Nodal analysis method is basically sum of two laws. 1. KCL 2. Ohms’s law In this method we will use KCL & Ohm’s law to calculate the node voltages in the circuits. Node → any function where atleast 3 branches will meet is known as anode. Procedure Determine