Real Life Application: In active region BJT will act as amplifier and we have assumed that the current gain alpha and beta will be constants with respect to applied voltage, which will not be valid in practicality because as we will apply ac signal in input then voltage in the BJT will keep on changing.

Real Life Application The primary supply of all the world’s electrical energy is generated in three phase synchronous generators using machines with power ratings up to 1500 MW or more. The ability to control power factor makes them an attractive choice. As Synchronous condenser: by varying excitation it can made to operate on lagging or

Introduction to Heat Transfer This lecture is short description of the subject of heat transfer. It gives an idea of the scope of the subject, its applications and discusses a basic difference between the three mechanisms of heat transfer through examples. Scope: Heat Transfer vs. Thermodynamics Whenever a process occurs, it involves some kind of

Real Life Applications: We all are using voltage reference circuits (Voltage regulators) in real life. This is because of breakdown in diodes and some time it will exceed maximum power handling capacity of the device then it will burn out. So it is important to see exactly what is happening inside the device. Explanation: Diode

Working Stress Method: The stresses in the member is obtained from the working loads and compared with permissible stresses. Working Stress method will lead to large FOS and over-sized sections, thus the sections will be uneconomical. WSM is still being used in special structures such as water tanks, bridges, chimneys in India. Ultimate Load Method:

Real Life Application Frequency analysis plays an important role in hydraulic engineering applications such as those concerned with floods, for example in construction of Dams it is necessary to find out the probability of occurring an extreme flood. Explanation To understand the concept with clarity it’s important to understand two things:- 1. Probability 2. Return

Real Life Application A concept used in the treatment of raw water before supplying the water to a city or a town. This is adopted for surface water where water has high concentration of finer suspended impurities and is one of the most important treatment given to raw water in a water supply treatment plant.

Real Life Application Whenever we purchase a bearing, expected life is given by the manufacturer for a particular value of load but we need to know the expected life of the bearing for the load it is going to experience in that application. The load life relationship serves this purpose. Explanation To find out the

Real Life Applications: Symmetry is an important property in Signals. Even in nature, it is observed that symmetry plays an important role whether it is a human body or plants around us. It also adds an aesthetic sense to it. It can help to reduce computations and therefore reduce the delay in processing. Its a

Real Life Application A 3 phase induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC electric motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. An induction motor can therefore be made without electrical connections to the rotor. An