Student FAQ’s:

    • homeGATE is an effective tool for
      • Students who don’t want to travel a distance to have access/don’t have access to a quality GATE coaching
      • For working professionals who don’t want to travel a distance to have access/don’t
        have access to a quality GATE coaching or for those who want to prepare on their
        own preferred schedule
      • Click here to visit homeGATE product page and click Enroll Now button to proceed to payment gateway
      • You will receive an acknowledgement once the payment is received and login credentials will be sent to you in 3 days from acknowledgement.
    • Login links will be provided along with username and password to access homeGATE
    • When there is no LIVE icon, there is no live class now. Please check your schedule and come back when the class is scheduled. Meanwhile, you can go through Video on Demand Section.
    • No you can’t ask the faculty during the LIVE session, you should be able to go back to the beginning of the session and replay what the faculty had said earlier. Faculty will not receive chats in the middle of his lecture.
    • No you can raise the question through CHAT. Administrator collects questions and passes them on to the faculty after the class of 45 minutes. Faculty will discuss your questions in 15 minutes of Question Discussion Time. Your questions should be clear, complete and relevant to the topic being discussed.
    • The faculty attempts to answer all the questions in the time given. However the questions must be relevant and should pertain to the current class. So yes, within reasonable limits, all your questions will be answered.
    • You can view the Class schedule from Login page or after you login, please select class schedule from the menu.


Video FAQ’s:

    • Kindly check your system by Clicking here (Use “homegate” as test key)
    • Buffering means slow internet connection. You will need at least 512 KBPS broadband connection at home.
    • The player controls have the options to enable full screen viewing. We advise full screen viewing during the class.


Chat FAQ’s:

    • Click on Chat with us to load the chat client and post your question.
    • The questions are picked up by an admin, and given to the faculty only after the first 40 minutes of lecture. The question discussion time is the last 20 minutes of every lecture hour.


Missed/Previous Classes FAQ’s:

    • If you have missed a particular session or if you would like to watch a session again, Video on Demand gives you the option to view previous sessions with no limitation. You can watch the video at your convenience and any number of times.