Frequently Asked Question (DVD FAQs) – GATE

System Requirement Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Framework .Net Framework v4.0 or higher
Plugin Adobe Flash v11.5 or higher
Processor 1.5GHz or higher
RAM 1GB or higher
Screen Resolution 1024X768, 32 bit
HDD 150 MB Disc Space
Other DVD Drive, Audio Device, Pointing Device
The DVD will be valid till 28th Feb of your chosen GATE Target Year or 800 hours of usage, whichever earlier. Suppose if your GATE Target Year is 2016, then you can watch 800 hours of DVD videos till 28th Feb, 2016.
The DVD drive might have some issues. Please insert another DVD and check if you are able to see the contents of that DVD. If you are able to see the contents of the other DVD and the contents of the course DVD are still not readable please report this to the institute.
For the software installation to complete administrator privileges are required. If you are administrator of the computer, you will get a prompt to asking for your permission, in which case please click on the Yes button. If you are not the administrator, please inform the administrator’s assistance to install the software.Only the software installation and uninstallation process requires administrator privileges. Normal user can run the software once installed.
    There are two options in this case (both these options require administrator privilege):
    a. Install the latest version from Internet: You can install the latest version of Adobe Flash from the Adobe website.
    b. Install Adobe Flash from the course DVD: Adobe Flash can be installed from the DVD that comes as part of the course. This DVD contains the perquisite software required to run the application.
This software requires .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed on the computer. It is available on the DVD and can be installed from there.
    Same as above.
      Note: .NET Framework and Adobe Flash should be installed automatically during the installation process if not available on the computer, or should upgrade if older versions exist. However due to some reason if these are not installed, they can be installed explicitly as answered in the question unselected above.
Please contact the center to provide you the roll number. Every student registered with the center will have a roll number assigned.
      Please send all the text under the “Student Registration Details”. Copy the details and email it to the


After copying and sending the details to the support team, close the application. The support team will reply to your email and will send a registration file as attachment.
In case the internet connection is unavailable, please copy the “Student Registration Details” in a text file, save that on a USB / pen drive. Email this file from a computer having internet connection. Example: May be from internet cafe.
The support team ideally should send the registration file within 2-3 working days. Before sending the registration file, the support team will contact the student via phone to verify some details. In case there is a delay in reaching the student for the verification there might be a delay in sending the registration file. Please contact the support team if there is a delay in receiving the registration file.
Once the registration file is received, download it to the computer and copy it to a folder easily accessible. Launch eLecture application, the registration windows will be displayed. Click on the Browse button and select the registration file and click open. Click on the Register button to register the software.
If the stream name displayed is different in either of the discs, please report this to the center.
There is constraint of time, however both CD combined together has a play time of 800 hours.

Yes – You can get the Keys again.

    You will be charged an amount of Rs 2000/- for the same. This amount needs to be deposited in the T.H.E. GATE Academy Pvt. Ltd account. Please find the details below:
  • Account No: 029705003022
  • Bank: ICICI Bank.
  • Branch: BTM layout Branch, Bangalore.
  • IFSC Code : ICIC0000297
          Note: You need to mail us your Name, Roll No., Course, Stream, “problem faced” and Amount Transaction Details to


      The new key will be mailed to you.
    Yes the DVD key will work on the newly formatted system provided no hardware changes are made.
      Please use

User Manual

    for the E-Lecture to gain more inputs.
      For any queries or clarifications please contact the support via

Phone: 080-42115152


Email: dvdkey@thegateacademy.com

The DVD can be installed only on one System /PC, therefore please do not install on any shared computers.
No, In case of any hardware change/s in system the DVD E-Lectures will not work.