Deciding what one really wants from GATE!

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While making a decision to take up an examination, one can take a shot at what he expects from it, for himself as well for a career path. I divide the choices, as one need to go through a path of discovery on his personal strengths thereby working his best for an aimed career.

Making a decision to write GATE exam is a big one because as we know the stakes are high and the expectations are higher. It needs time, effort, focus, confidence as well as a real load of dedication if one wishes to secure the mark or even get close. The hype in GATE this year could bring mixed signals as the gap is huge with respect to the outcome. The ones who made it obtained a very high score and landed a position for study or job as their earned right and many others did not make the cut. The difference could be because of the greater GATE attempt number,the pressure from the student itself, peers, families and the academic set up is massive to perform well and get the record straight, thereby soaring past all the pit stops. Expectations are going to be there from everyone around a student; I think it matters most on prime factors acquired from the experience.

GATE examination is definitely rated high and this high accreditation is a worked through process of all the academicians from the renowned IITs and the IISc. Since the syllabus tallies with the exam requirement, one can set a standard for himself. Personally, setting a higher standard will help as the candidate can change the target level once he has actually got into the preparation mode. On glimpsing through the syllabus, a student would have a fair idea of the study process; with progression retrospection would help. At this point, one needs to make a thorough decision on whether he wishes to take up a study position at an IIT or aim for a common stream or pick a rare stream or just take up employment. If one aims for the first one, then the effort has to be modulated such that one works through a strategy to break down the paper and gain those high cut off marks or more. Sticking to a stream irrespective of a college will also be tough in terms of nailing the goal. For instance, working towards getting into the EC stream can be highly competitive if one aims for a good college even if the IITs were to be ruled out. Weighing this option by grading the colleges and then working on the exam could perhaps help students relax a little and still find their route to success. Others pick rare streams which can work both ways; it is advantageous for these pupils as the competition is comparatively less but also a huge disadvantage as the student has to carve a niche to make an impression and be heard. Gaining employment is no red carpet walk either, but the student has to acquire only the qualifying GATE score and charm his way through his technical expertise in the interview round increasing his chances.

Knowing where to head is essential as the student can modulate the study and preparation aspects for GATE via a planned organized flowchart.GATE forms the pathway for an engineering mind to excel; showcase his talent on newer grounds of innovation and technology.

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