For students, it is just a topic but it is a key term for pump manufacturers. First of all, let’s discuss that how a pump works. Pumps operate by creating low pressure at the inlet which allows the liquid to be pushed into the pump by atmospheric or head pressure. Even with a perfect vacuum

What Entropy indicates?

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Second law of thermodynamics leads to the birth of a new property i.e. entropy which is an abstract property. Entropy is a very useful property, we all know but why the word entropy is not used in daily life like other properties (Energy, temperature and pressure). Answer of this question is that we don’t understand

Flywheel and Governor are used to control the speed fluctuations of an internal combustion engine. But these fluctuations take place in two ways: 1) During a cycle (due to variation of torque on the crankshaft) 2) Over a no of cycle (due to the variation of load on the engine) In first case, speed fluctuations

What enthalpy indicates?

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The total energy of a compressible system consists of kinetic, potential and internal energy but in case of flowing fluid, the fluid possesses another form of energy which is called as flow energy (P/ρ). Then the total energy of a flowing fluid on the unit mass basis becomes eflowing = u + (P/ρ) + ke

Forecasting Models

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Forecasting can be termed as prediction of future sales or demand of a product. It is a projection based upon the past data and the art of human judgment. The survival of any organization depends upon how well they are able to project the demand in future.

Queuing Models

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The goal of Queuing model is achievement of an economical balance between the cost of providing service and the cost associated with the wait required for that service This model is applied to service oriented organizations like machine repair shop, production shop, food chain, restaurant etc.

Heat Transfer Through Fins

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Convection heat transfer between a hot solid surface and the surrounding colder fluid is governed by the Newton’s cooling law which states that “the rate of convection heat transfer is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the hot surface and the surrounding fluid and is also directly proportional to the area of contact or

Due to molecular attraction, liquids possess certain properties such as cohesion and adhesion. Cohesion means inter-molecular attraction between molecules of the same liquid. Adhesion means attraction between the molecules of a liquid and the molecules of a solid boundary surface in contact with the liquid. The property of cohesion enables a liquid to resist to

Fluid Properties

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A fluid is a substance which is capable of flowing or deforming under the action of shear force (however the small force may be). Examples: liquids, gases and vapors.

Heat Exchangers

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Heat Exchanger is an adiabatic steady flow device in which two flowing fluids exchange or transfer heat between themselves due to a temperature difference without losing or gaining any heat from the ambient atmosphere.