Campus Classroom Course: inGATE

As we know corporates get attracted to institutions which produce high number of GATE qualified candidates. Since GATE is a highly competitive exam – it is the need and demand of the students to go through professional training to crack GATE. The major challenges faced by the institutes in giving professional GATE Training at Campus to the students are availability of quality faculty, structured training curriculum, high quality study material and test papers. THE GATE Academy has addressed this challenge by introducing “inGATE Interactive Classroom Training” (ICT) which enables institute to conduct GATE training inside their campus. This program is highly popular among institutes where students don’t have access to Professional classroom training.

What is inGATE?

  • Live classes by experts from Bangalore: IIT/ IISc Grads – GATE toppers
  • Video,voice and chat based live interaction between faculty and students
  • Faculty & the board is visible in high quality video to students
  • Classes through a projector at College

Program Highlights

  • Live Online Classes -1400 hrs of Online (Live + VoD) Classroom Sessions – from IIT/IISc alumni via the internet.
  • Books -12 to 16 GATE Focused Books. Theory, Questions, Solutions.
  • Refresher Guide - Important concepts and formulae Book for last minute revisions.
  • Subject Tests  – 500+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 10 to 12 Subjects.
  • Chapter Tests  – 1000+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 50 Chapters.
  • All India Mock Tests – 12 National Level Online Tests with Video Solutions.
  • Full-Length Tests – 8 Online Test Based on latest GATE Syllabus available from day one.
  • Post GATE Guidance – Online Guidance on how to best use GATE Score for Admissions.
inGATE lecture

Streams Available: CS/EC/EE/IN/ME/CE

Time Table: Click Here

Program Features Explained:

interactive online session

1400 hrs of Online (Live + VoD) Classroom Sessions – via internet: We provide the best faculties (GATE toppers- alumni of IITs / IISc) of the country guiding them to develop the “basic concepts” and train them to “solve high standard GATE Problems” in short span of time.

inGATE online electures

System Recommendation for E Lectures:

Processor Speed: More than 1.5GHz
Browser Recommendation: Mozilla Firefox (latest)
RAM: 2 GB minimum
Internet Connection:2-3 MBPS Broadband or 3G Data Card) – Click here to check system speed

inGATE study materials

12 to 16 Study Materials – Books: Each Stream has 12 to 16 Subjects. Every Subject has an exclusive book. Each book comprises of theory, excellent assignment problems and previous year GATE questions with complete & descriptive solution.

inGATE quick refresher guide

Quick Refresher Guide: This book is a collection of important points and formulae. It is very useful to revise the whole GATE syllabus in a short span of time, especially during last phase of preparation.

inGATE sectional tests Chapter Tests1000+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 50 Chapters.
inGATE subject tests Subject Tests:500+ Problems & Solutions Grouped under 10 to 12 SubjectsAfter the completion of every subject in the classroom, we conduct one Subject Test. The result of each Subject tests is mailed to the students.
inGATE all india mock GATE test

12 All India Mock GATE Test Series with Video Solutions:12 National level Test Series will be conducted. Video solution will be available in the online mode to the students to help them understand the method of solving the problems. This test series will expose students to quality questions prepared by GATE toppers and will benchmark their preparation.Viz-a-vi PAN INDIA GATE aspirants.

inGATE full length practice test 8 Full-Length Practice Test: It is set of 8 online Full-length tests on the latest GATE pattern. Students can take this test as per their convenience.
inGATE post GATE guidance

Post GATE Guidance Information: It a misconception that only GATE Toppers get seats into IITs / IISc. We guide the students in terms of utilizing their GATE score in the best way. There will be online information available after the GATE exam to help them apply to multiple institutes.


We seek to enter into a long standing mutually beneficial academic relationship with your esteemed institute. For More information, please feel free to contact us at or call us on 080- 61766222