THE GATE ACADEMY provide comprehensive and rigorous coaching for the GATE exams. Our student centred guidance focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of each student. This has enabled us to achieve a proven track record of GATE toppers from our institute.


Proven track record of GATE toppers 2 out of around 10 GATE applicants clear the GATE exam every year? Despite the stiff competition, students of THE GATE ACADEMY maintain a far healthier success rate of significantly above 50%. In fact, more than 148 of our students have made it to the top 100 All India rankings. Student-centric approach< THE GATE ACADEMY helps budding engineers to discover, reach and exceed their intellectual potential. The intense focus on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our modules. Experienced faculty The faculties at THE GATE ACADEMY are from IITs /IISc and GATE toppers. Faculties are very passionate and highly experienced. Faculties well understand students problem and they put in their best efforts to solve the problems. Best Quality Education THE GATE ACADEMY provides quality education. GATE exam is based on concepts so it is very important to teach concepts properly. THE GATE ACADEMY gives in-depth knowledge of concept that not only helps in securing well in GATE exam but also helps in maintaining a good level of understanding while pursuing their M.tech or PSU jobs. Exclusive Online Courses THE GATE ACADEMY provides online courses like correspondence course, tabGATE, homeGATE, usbGATE etc. These courses are designed by IIT/IISc GATE experts. These courses are specially designed to save travelling time of students. In live online courses like homeGATE you have the option to interact with faculty to ask instant questions or doubts. With all online courses you get mock test and post GATE guidance for free. GATE focused books THE GATE ACADEMY provides exclusively designed GATE focused books. Students get other reference books easily but GATE focused books are not easily available. THE GATE ACADEMY team really work hard to design content of these books, so that students can prepare as per the GATE syllabus. Affordable Prices Courses are available in very reasonable prices. Such affordable prices make GATE coaching easy to afford for all segments of students. Scholarships Special test are conducted across all centres of THE GATE ACADEMY in India. Toppers are being provided with scholarships for GATE coaching. Student Support Team THE GATE ACADEMY has a support team which is established to provide support to students. Students are welcomed with all sort of queries. From technical queries to basic doubts they can get in touch with to support team and get solutions immediately. THE GATE ACADEMY knows the importance of students time so proper support is provided to save students time. Post GATE Guidance After GATE results are out, students have lots confusions and questions to ask. So, every year THE GATE ACADEMY provides guidance and tries their best to answer all the questions and doubts of the students. Post GATE guidance program is conducted by IIT/IISc faculties and GATE toppers where they answer all the doubts related to eligibility, IITs, PSU jobs & other options available etc.
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