Why Appear For the 2014 GATE Exam?

  The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is a competitive examination held all across the nation. It is organized jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), located in Bangalore, and seven of the best IITs in the country. For this examination, each year one IIT or IISc is selected as the Organizing Institute. For the 2014 GATE Exam, the organizing institute will be IIT Kharagpur. Those seeking admission for ME/MTech courses as well as MSc Engineering courses in almost all engineering educational institutes all over the country will need to appear for and clear this examination. ME/MTech is a four-semester program and admission to these programs largely depends upon the percentile score achieved in the GATE exam. The percentile score will also decide which college or institute for engineering the student will get admission in. The GATE examination is a mandatory requirement for people seeking scholarship/assistantship in the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) for ME and MTech courses.

How Will The 2014 GATE Exam Benefit You?

Here is why you should appear for the GATE exams:
  • To get an ME/MTech/MSc degree in Engineering from one of the best educational institutes in the nation.
  • For better recruitment possibilities, with a specialised skill set in the field. Scholarship fee of Rs 8,000 is awarded to deserving students during the Master’s course, to help with educational expenses.
  • GATE candidates also stand a chance of being awarded a Junior Research Fellowship in the CSIR Laboratories as well as in CSIR sponsored projects.
  • If you clear these exams, you stand a better chance of starting off your career with a higher salary than those who do not clear the exams.
  • A Masters degree is compulsory if you want to apply for Faculty/Research positions in any educational institution in India, as well as research and development centres.
  • Some government organizations (such as BARC) prescribe GATE qualification as a requirement. A Masters degree is necessary in the field of research and can later lead to research/PhD in a particular field.
  • You could also get into a foreign university for PhD without the GRE score by providing your GATE scores.
  • You gain intellectual satisfaction when working in the area of your interest.
  • Pursuing a Master’s degree will help you better understand your chosen career stream and give you a chance to thrive in an environment that excites your brain cells.

How Will GATE Coaching Help You?

GATE coaching can help you prepare well and increase your chances of clearing the 2014 GATE exam. This is done through a number of ways, including:
  • You gain access to various study materials that have been prepared specifically for the GATE exam.
  • You can stay up-to-date about changes in the GATE syllabus.
  • You get familiar with the exam pattern and learn tips and tricks to crack the GATE.
  • Coaching makes you more confident and less nervous about the exam, which impacts your performance.
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