Validity of Gate Scores Extend To Three Years

MTech aspirants across the country now have greater flexibility to pursue their dreams after giving their Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. Now, the GATE scores will be valid for a period of 3 years, as compared to the 2 year validity that was previously followed.

GATE Scores Facilitate Work Experience

This increased validity will open up job opportunities for students for a longer period of time, and help them gain a couple of years of extra work experience. This is good news for students interested in building their résumé. Also, it will help them pay off their education loans before commencement of their post graduate degrees. PSUs recruitment for certain jobs open up only after prior work experience of about two years. Therefore, the increased validity period will give students the opportunity to gain the right quality of work experience after giving the GATE exam. Since the exam focuses on the relative performance of a candidate, by testing their understanding of various undergraduate subjects, the added work experience will give them an added edge.

Easy Preparation for GATE Exam

Students can now prepare and give their exams while still in their last year of graduation. Also, with the availability of online coaching, things have become easier as they prepare. There are several options to ease the process of preparation.

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