Technology and the GATE 2014 Exam

Technology has to play a big role in how the GATE 2014 exam shapes up to mould the destinies of lakhs of students appearing for it. The exam will be held online for all the 21 papers, starting 2014. The focus though is still on getting the basics right. The GATE is about students wanting to pursue a post graduation in engineering and also about those interested in getting coveted jobs with public sector undertakings. However, regardless of how digital education gets, this exam is a difficult bet until you’re thorough with all the basics and the in-depth concepts.

The Latest on the GATE 2014 Exam: Technology to Help Students

In a seminar recently held at Maris Stella College, Director of The Gate Academy, Nitin Rakesh Prasad, addressed over 400 GATE aspirants. Using a detailed presentation to guide students on possibly the biggest exam of their lives, the director touched upon the most basic and the most important concepts that the exam entails. Mr. Prasad made it very clear that in order to succeed in the GATE 2014 exam, conducted by IIT Kharagpur, it is crucial to practice with online tests that the conducting institute will be offering all candidates. This illustrates how education today is benefitting from technological advancements, just as examination patterns are, and that technology could help students prepare better. New advancements in e-learning have paved the way for a more effective system of preparation for the GATE. The coming year will have students taking it online for the first time. This calls for newer methods in revision and assessment. With online tests set to become the norm now, The GATE Academy’s procGATE is an innovation to help students practice for the examination through online simulations. The programme is a versatile development for aspirants who want to assess themselves thoroughly, in addition to shaking off examination jitters before the actual exam. The GATE Academy has also launched tabGATE, in keeping with the idea that the fundamentals of any topic in the GATE syllabus need to be clear. tabGATE is a tablet that comes with all the content for extensive preparation preloaded. The device consists of lectures, ebooks, assignments, quizzes, and tests in huge quantities to provide aspirants the best opportunities to prepare for the GATE 2014 exam. Besides effectively satisfying the necessity of thorough study of the syllabus, technology can serve the purpose of reducing performance anxiety too. The GATE 2014 exam is sure to be a success for those who utilise technology and manage their preparation well.

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