How to Choose Right Coaching Institute for GATE?

It is not a mystery that GATE is considered as one of the toughest entrance exam in India. So, If you are planning to go for GATE, then preparation and planning is very important. Most of the GATE aspirants prefer to go for GATE coaching to achieve good rank in GATE exam. Preparation stage is very important for GATE success, so one should utilise it effectively. You need to be mindful of important parameters for choosing GATE coaching institute. Here are few important things that you should keep in mind before joining any coaching institute:
  • Faculty Quality: Your faculty is your mentor, 50% of the success will depend on how good your mentor is as he will be the one to guide you throughout your preparations. For an examination like GATE it is always recommended to have a faculty who is from IIT/IISc or a GATE topper. Such faculties can share their own experiences, they will well understand the problems you are facing and can give you instant solutions. So, you must look for an institute which has faculties from IIT/IISc or a GATE toppers.
  • Motivative Environment: For GATE exam you need to be motivated enough to do well. So, you should choose a institute which has motivating environment.
  • Optimal Class- Strength: Class strength matters a lot. For GATE when you need to study well class strength should be optimum, so that faculty can give proper attention to each student. Optimum number of students will also keep the competitive spirit high. Recommended number of students in a class is 40 to 50.
  • Advent of Digital Learning: You should avoid wasting time in travelling. Going for coaching too far will not only waste your time but also make you feel fatigue. You will be too tired for self study. Find a institute nearest to your place or you can go for live online classes. Live online classes gives you time flexibility, and you can study anytime, anywhere.
  • Post Class Support: After class when you are practicing questions or doing self study at home you may get stuck at several points. It's not possible that faculty will be available 24/7. So, you should prefer a institute which provides you post class support. Institute should provide you e-lectures or online tutorials for reference.
  • Syllabus to be Covered: Institute must cover vast GATE syllabus and pattern. Also syllabus for GATE changes every year, so Institute must cover the updated syllabus.
  • Fee Structure: You should also compare the fee structure. Some institutes gives you all facilities at lesser cost. You would be benefitted if you compare the prices before taking decision.
  • Demo Class: You should opt for the institute which has the option of demo class. Before taking a final decision attend the demo class and then decide.
  • Seminars: Some of the good institutes like The GATE Academy also conducts seminars by GATE toppers and experts. Such seminars helps in motivating students and builds up confidence.
Summary: Choose institute which has faculty from IIT/IISc, optimum number of students, post class support, motivative environment, option of demo class and decent fee structure. Keep all these points in mind and decide. Don't blindly follow the crowd. Think twice before choosing coaching institute for GATE, because it's not only a matter of time & money but it is a matter of your career.
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