Preparing for the 2014 GATE Exam

The 2014 GATE exam is not just another engineering test or written examination like its predecessors. Yes, come 2014, and the GATE will go online. Aspiring for the IITs and NITs or well paying jobs with PSUs isn’t getting any easier. Next year’s examination is expected to witness a huge increase in the number of students, with a staggering 15 lakh slated to appear for the test! This is the reason why GATE coaching has become important for all aspirants. Preparing without a definite plan and schedule doesn’t work for most students. It is in such a scenario that a good GATE coaching centre with a proven track record can help you get through these exams with flying colours.

GATE Coaching and Preparation for 2014 GATE Exam

It is essential to enlist the help of a good GATE coaching institute in order to ensure that you realize your dream of pursuing masters from a respected institution or of getting that coveted job in a PSU. Whether it is a simple exam during your graduation, or the mighty GATE itself, it is important to look at the subjects and what weight each will carry. Analyse what parts of the exam might account for a relatively lesser portion of marks. This will help to prioritise your preparation and allot the right amount of time to each subject. Do not overrule the importance of making notes. This practice may be traditional, but it does pack a punch when you prepare for the 2014 GATE exam. The GATE needs you to know your engineering syllabus in great depth. Go through each topic carefully and allocate enough time to each. GATE is going online, beginning 2014. For this and many other reasons, it is important that you attempt as many online mock tests as possible. This will help you evaluate where you stand in terms of preparation. Enroll for a good online test series. The procGATE is one such programme, which can help you with simulations of the examination. It is said to help students by eliminating the anxiety and nervousness involved in sitting for the actual exam. Here you will find a series of 12 online tests conducted on an All-India level. Be sure to catch up on the latest news and remain updated with everything that happens on the circuit.
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