Gate: How to Prepare for the General Aptitude Segment

Top-ten-Faqs One section of the GATE exam that can easily elevate or dip your score is the General Aptitude section. It is one common link between different streams in your journey to GATE. The GA section is specifically designed to analyze your language and analytical skills. Regardless of which subject you opt for, General Aptitude (GA) remains invariable in the set of all the 22 optional papers. Although General Aptitude seems effortless but a little guidance and effort always confirms the result in your favour. Here’s a look at the paper pattern and the ways to approach it, along with some sample questions to clarify concepts further:

Preparation Ideas for GA Section in Gate Exam.

  • The General Aptitude section accounts to 15 marks and consists of 10 questions. Of these, 5 questions carry1 mark each while the other 5 questions fetch you 2 marks each.
  • The test is broadly classified under two heads; Verbal and Numerical Ability.
  • Part 1: Verbal Ability: This consists of English Grammar, Verbal Analogies Sentence Completion, Word Groups, Critical Reasoning, Instructions and Verbal Deduction.
  • Part 2: Numerical Ability: This comprises Numerical Reasoning, Numerical Computation, Numerical Estimation and Data Interpretation.

Tips for Excelling in the GA Section

General Aptitude is the most easy-to-score section of the GATE exam but it is important to brush up on the basics and start preparing in advance.
  • Refer your Class X Grammar book (CBSE/NCERT) to hone your grammatical ability.
  • Make it a point to learn 10 new words and their usage everyday to enhance your vocabulary.
  • Once a week, practice reading a short passage and try describing it in a few points. This will help you in reading and comprehension.
  • Try solving language puzzles and analogies on a daily basis.
  • Since the Numerical Ability section focuses on approximation skills, practice calculations without calculators and increase your speed.
  • Study all the basic concepts of mathematics from your Class X textbooks.
  • Practice sample papers/previous years’ papers, along with your subject papers so that you get comfortable with answering and switching your mind set from one format to another. This will also help you understand the question patterns and style.
Sample Questions
    1. The Headmaster ___________ to speak to you. Which of the following options is incorrect to complete the above sentence? (A) is wanting (B) wants (C) want (D) was wanting
  1. In a factory, two machines M1 and M2 manufacture 60% and 40% of the autocomponents, respectively. Out of the total production, 2% of M1 and 3% of M2 are found to be defective. If a randomly drawn auto component from the combined lot is found defective, what is the probability that it was manufactured by M2? (A) 0.35 (B) 0.45 (C) 0.5 (D) 0.4
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