Predicting the Results for GATE 2015

Since 2014, the exams have been conducted through the online medium only. The year also saw the introduction of a new paper, called “Ecology and Evolution,” making the total number of papers round up to 22. Changes are always made with the intention of improving the process and simplifying this, and these changes to the GATE process are no different. With new rules set for 2015, the organising institutes are expecting an increase in the number of aspirants as well. Let us take a look at the past years’ statistics, which might shed light on the results one can expect for GATE 2015.

Past Statistics: 2013 and 2014

In 2014, a total of 10,33,625 applications were filed for the exam all around the country. According to the results published by IIT Kharagpur, 86.02% of the candidates appeared for the GATE exams, and only 1,49,734 (16.84%) cleared the exams with the required score. However, experts say that the results in 2014 reflect an over 3% increase compared to 2013, when 13.88% (1,36,699 candidates) achieved the passing grade. It is believe that the changes and additions have brought about this marginal increase in the results. Furthermore, the avenues that the GATE exams open up also are a major factor in driving the results.

Participation: Paper-wise Study

The following were the most appeared for papers in 2014:
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (2,16,367)
  • Computer Science and Information Technology (1,55,190)
  • Mechanical Engineering (1,85,578)
  • Electrical Engineering (1,41,799)
  • Civil Engineering (90,872)
Over 76% of the overall participation was in these papers. This trend can be seen for the past couple of years as well. So, students who are planning to appear for these papers need to pick up their game, since the competition is intense in these areas of study.

Need for Proper Coaching

With such intense competition prevalent, the need for proper GATE coaching and preparation is essential. This will significantly enhance your chances of clearing GATE 2015. There are specialised training programs available that are specifically geared to the aspirant’s success. Choosing the right institute can be a winning strategy for cracking these exams, giving students the added advantage of guidance, quality study material, mock tests for self evaluation and other tips and strategies.
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