Myths and Facts About Online Learning

  Education has gone through a great deal of revolution over the years and these days education has taken a new turn. It has moved to a new concept known as online learning. Online learning today provides a quality alternative to on-the-ground courses. It offers a lot of flexibility for students. Students has the liberty to choose time and place as per their convenience. Online learning saves your time as you don’t have to travel to get good coaching. Institutes which provides online coaching also gives you a lot of additional facilities like 24/7 support, fee refund and demo session which you will merely find in institute having classroom concept. Nearly 70% of all students claim online instruction to be as good as or better than a traditional classroom. But even after so many advantages of online learning people are apprehensive about online classes because of some myths. So let’s see what are the myths about online learning: Myth 1- No interaction with faculty: Lot of people think that online coaching won’t give you chance to interact directly with instructor. Reality: You can have discussion with instructor whenever you feel it is needed. Instructor guides you properly same as it happens in classroom. Myth 2-Online institutions are only there for making money: People think that online institutions are there just to make money. Reality: Online institute gives a lot of facilities at lower cost. It gives you variants of course which are pocket friendly. Myth 3-You will not have clarity of concepts: People have perception that online coaching is not good enough to strengthen your concepts. Reality: Online lectures are conducted by best faculties from IIT/IIsc, they teach with full dedication. Such faculties make it possible for you get the concepts on finger tips. Myth 4-More Chances of Fraud: People also think that institutions will take your money and never revert back or provide you the access to classes. Reality: Institutions which provides online coaching are legally registered, so there are least chances of fraud. They will give you proper invoice for your payment. Also if you are not satisfied with product they give you option for refund as well. Myth 5-No attention to each student: People believe that instructor does not give attention to each student which is not true. Reality: In online classes institutes make sure that the classes are conducted with small class size of 20 - 25 students, which is not a case in traditional classes. Small class size ensures that instructor pays attention to each student. Conclusion: Its time to except the fact that online classes are equally good or even better than traditional classroom concept. Online classes gives you a lot of facilities like 24/7 support, refund facility etc. Online classes gives you quality education. So, if you still think online is not a good option then give it a second thought.
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