How to Plan Your Study for GATE Exam?

  1. Analyze Previous Year Papers:Analyzing previous year GATE papers will help you to understand which all subjects has highest weightage and which all topics are most important in that subject. After analyzing you can well plan your study for GATE Exam. You can prioritize subjects and topics based on the analysis.
  3. Study Standard Books:Start studying the standard books. Standard books will help you learn basic concepts of all subjects. Since basic concepts are very important for GATE exam, standard books will help you with all the concepts. Research and go for best author’s books.
  5. Refer GATE Focused Books: Once your basics are clear refer some GATE focused books. THE GATE ACADEMY provides GATE focused books that will help you prepare well for your GATE exam. THE GATE ACADEMY books are specially written for GATE aspirants by GATE toppers. Best IIT/IISc faculty add assignments to these books that helps you in practicing what you have learnt.
  7. Prepare notes : It is advisable to prepare proper notes while you are studying books. Make notes of all important formula and expert tips. If you are not sure how to prepare notes refer your faculty or your seniors. These notes will help you in the later stage of revision.
  9. Group Study: Plan group study. Group study helps you to discuss your doubts. It gives you a chance to interact and share your knowledge. If you have joined any coaching it will equally give you a chance of interaction and share your doubts.
  11. Solve Previous Year Papers: After studying books, when you are confident about the concepts start solving previous year. Solving previous year papers will give you an idea of how actual paper will look like. It also tells you your weakness in the subject knowledge.
  13. Practice with GATE Online Test Series: Start practicing through GATE test series. THE GATE ACADEMY provides test series that will really help you in the stage of practicing. THE GATE ACADEMY test series focus is to prepare you well for the exam. Since it is online test series it creates same environment for you as actual GATE exam. It will also give you an idea of how to manage your time in solving questions.
  15. Analyze your Results: Practice test series and analyze your results. Analysis will help you learn your weak subjects and topics. It will teach you where you are lagging.
  17. Keep time for Revision: After all preparation keep sufficient time for revision. Revise the notes that you had prepared earlier. Before exam don’t refer any new books. You just need to go through the notes that you have prepared.
  19. Keep calm and Relax: Be confident. Keep yourself calm just a day before the exam, sit with your family, friends and relax.
  Conclusion:Study hard, think positive. If you are positive and focused about your aim no one can stop you from achieving one digit rank. Follow the provided tips and you can be the topper. All The Best!
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