How to ace GATE Exam in last 4 months?

  After a lot of hard work and good knowledge of basic concepts it is good time for you to revise the concepts along-with the uncovered subjects.   Divide all the subjects into two groups: Group-1 includes:Subjects which you feel easy. These are Target Subjects Example: For EE stream- Subject1- Engineering Mathematics - 15% Subject 2- General Aptitude- 15% Subject 3- Electrical machines- 12% Subject 4- Network Theory- 11% Group-2 includes:Subjects you feel are tough and you are not very good at those subjects. Example: For EE stream- Subject 1- Power Electronics- 10 % Subject 2- Power Systems - 9% Subject 3- Signals & Systems- 5.5% Subject 4- Measurements- 4% Uncovered Subjects- Digital Circuits, Analog Circuits, Control System, Electromagnetic theory Sort the subjects based on the weight-age as per the GATE exam pattern. Month-4 :Choose 2 subjects from group 1 which has highest weight-age (eg.Engineering Mathematics, General Aptitude). Start revising the subjects. While revising prepare concise notes. These notes will help you in the later stage for quick revision. You can spend 20 days of the month in revising these subjects. Other 10 days you can spend in revising the 1 subject from group 2 (eg. Power Electronics). Along-with the revision you should also look into the uncovered subjects. But prioritize subjects based on the weight-age. If time permits you can practice subject-wise tests. Month-3: In 3rd month keep going with revision. Follow the same strategy. Revise subjects based on the weight-age. Finish with all uncovered subjects. Month 2: With revision of subjects, start taking full length mock test. These mock test will help you in analysing your weak area. Based on the analyzing revise the weak concepts. Month 1: Its time for you to revise concise notes that you had prepared earlier. Start taking Mock Test every second day. These mock test will make you more confident. THE GATE ACADEMY provides GATE test series which helped a lot of GATE aspirants in securing one digit GATE rank. It includes mock test, subject-wise test. 3-4 Days Left for Exam- Few days before the exam you just need to relax. Don’t panic and spend some time for revision. ALL THE BEST!
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