How Classroom Coaching Can help You in GATE Exam?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is conducted every year and lakhs of students appear for this exam. On an average around 15%-16% are able to qualify the exam. And from those qualified students only few are able to get good rank.

Study plan for GATE exam

So, what is that one thing that help these rankers to attain the top ranks? It is coaching from a reputed institute.

Why should one join classroom coaching?

  • Classroom coaching helps student to streamline their studies and also to put them on a fast track. Good institutes like THE GATE ACADEMY have good faculties from IIT/IISc. They help students to get good rank. The faculties are GATE experts and they have a good idea on what is relevant for GATE. They teach in a fashion that focuses on topics important for GATE, and help students to eliminate less important topics. Also, for the lazy ones, classroom coaching helps them to complete syllabus within a time frame and gives them sufficient time for revision.
  • Classroom coaching lets you write mock tests that gives you an idea of your strong and weak points. Mock tests also helps you learn time management strategies.
  • Classroom can get you good rank, it teaches you time management and other tricks. To deep dive let's consider an example of a student who is very good with his concepts but didn’t get coaching. He didn't know time management strategy will lose out to somebody who does not have that spark. It could be a matter of a few marks. Too many people will get the same marks and but not the same rank, as rank depends on the other parameters as well. There are always such questions which needs some tricks for quick solutions and such tricks are taught in classroom. Since he didn't go for coaching he wasted too much time on a question.
  • To conclude coaching classes teaches you time management and makes you master in solving tricky questions. Also in classes you are able to practice more and more. faculties guides you and motivates you to get good rank.
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