Getting into an IIT After GATE 2013

IITs are the dream destinations of engineers. They prefer the deemed status and a strong technological area where they can focus their study on. The name itself raises the bar for the candidate and is also of significance as the candidate carries forward the legacy of a reputed educational set up. GATE 2013 was a tough examination as more companies and multinationals have taken GATE into account alongside IITs, expanding its popularity to newer heights. The recognition a student acquires on cracking GATE is enormous as the proof comes his way in the form of a load of offers from top IITs as well as the PSUs. The results for GATE 2013 are due mid-march and the cut offs for study positions come by soon after. A student can acquire a rough idea about the grading ranges based on the previous years’ GATE scores, although the yearly differences linger. It is hard to say if any staggering difference would come by as it depends entirely on the number of candidates taking up GATE, the percentiles acquired and the degree of difficulty for students. Setting a high rank or score as a GATE cut off would simply make it harder for even a good student to gain a position of study in any of the IITs. The reasoning is entirely based on the institutes and they come out with the cut off announcements soon after the GATE results have been declared. Information is the key to determine the place of application for any student. Once the results are out, the rush of admission makes it even more laborious and creates additional confusion among pupils; there are instances where they could miss out on openings either due to lack of awareness or as a result of pressure and stress. There are ways to do away with this chaos. The significant thing is to stay calm and be on the lookout for information. A student needs to do his research, time and again so that he does not miss out on any announcements. Further, at this point in time when one is seeking to find required information, he could bump into information on different streams useful to other students. Sharing these links of valuable information is a good gesture as the students can exchange information on a common forum or social websites with access to all engineering students. This way a pupil can take an informed decision and opt for the best IIT/NIT/reputed College coming his way. Another advantage is the access to other less known IIT colleges which prefer students after they have cleared an individual college entrance for an study. Knowledge of such data will help students who wish to take up higher study but have not acquired a qualifying rank in GATE. Engineers can therefore prefer the higher education sector with ease and work smart at the time of dire need with no room for loss of opportunity. GATE aspirants can seek advice from mentors and experts with reference to Master admission and close in upon a college of predilection after a thorough inspection and guidance thereby opting for a strong foundation study in one’s engineering career.
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