GATE – Stepping Stone to Success

  The GATE exam not only intends to find out excellent minds in the field of engineering in India, but also aims to pick up candidates who possess a firm grasp on the basic concepts and fundamentals in their chosen fields of engineering. Therefore, clearing the concepts and fundamentals in one’s chosen field is the first step to success. GATE aspirants should start their preparations, keeping in mind that learning the concepts and formulas by heart is not enough to crack the exam. The tests are designed in such a way that the examiners can discover whether a student has the capability to apply the concepts.

Step by Step Guide to Preparing for the GATE Exam

All GATE aspirants wish that they could get some magic formula for cracking the exam. However, there is no trick or short cut to succeed in the GATE. Of course, there is a proper route, which if followed can maximize your chances of answering those tricky papers. Your attitude and aptitude matters a lot and therefore it is imperative that you have a systematic plan. Step by step guidance can lead you to succeeding in the examination. On the other hand, preparing and organizing will also help you to become more confident and less nervous before appearing for the exams. Below are a few important steps that you can follow through your journey towards the big success of your life.

Get all the concepts and fundamentals of the exam in one place

Preparing ahead of time is one of the best ideas for success. But following a systematic plan for those preparations is equally important. It is always advisable to go through the pattern of questions that can be asked to get the intended results. Go through the relevant syllabus for your particular stream and highlight the topics you are best at, as well as those that you are bad at and therefore need more attention.

Understand the concepts as well as where they are their applicable

While you are preparing for the GATE , you need to focus on understanding the concepts, and how and where they are applicable. This can be done via professional lectures , study materials, books, etc. This is very important because clearing the fundamentals can help you solve a large number of questions in the exam.

Preparing for the applicability of concepts

You need to test your strengths & weaknesses by solving question papers before appearing for the exam. You can either try out online tests or do it offline, whatever you prefer. Needless to say that the previous years’ question papers are always the best way to get started. It is highly recommended that you do as many mock tests as possible. Limit yourself by time during these tests, as time management also plays a big role in cracking those papers. The GATE exam is not only about knowing the answers to but also about how quickly you find those answers. If you fail to perform well during the mock texts, go back and revise those topics and once you are confident, solve them again.

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