GATE Preparation- Why start Early?

GATE aspirants follow different strategies for success, but there is no magic formula guaranteeing GATE exam success. Experts agree that only hard work, planning and starting early, will maximise the chances of success. A recognizable score in GATE offers a kick start to the career of the student. GATE exam happens in the month of February, i.e. during the last semester (8th) of engineering. Hence, a student will have only six month if he starts preparing in the 4th year of engineering. Most students are baffled as to when they should start preparing for GATE exam. Experts says that 3rd year is the best time to start GATE preparation.

Here are some reasons why you should start GATE preparation in 3rd years-

  • Starting early will help you focus on the basic concepts. In first two years of engineering you are new to subjects and you need time to cope up with the concepts. Coming to third year you will be familiar with the engineering concepts and it will be easy for you to understand new concepts. You will have enough time to work on the basics.
  • Most of the high scoring subjects in GATE are from 3rd and 4th year of engineering. So if you will start preparing from 3rd year you will get double benefit. Before entering the fourth year you will pared well.
  • Preparing in advance will help you to cope up easily with the concepts you will be studying in your final year. This advance preparation prevent you from entering a phase of struggle. You will be confident enough to solve problems related to new subjects wherein other students will be struggling to learn those concepts.
  • If you start preparing from 3rd year you will get enough time to gather the best resources to study. You will be able find the best institute, best books and make proper notes. You would not have to take any decision in hurry.
  • Most importantly, starting early will give you enough time for revision. In your final year where you also have other important things on your head, you will not have to spend you entire time on GATE preparation. You can spare out time from your time table for revision. All concepts & tricks will be on your finger tips.
Conclusion:- 3rd year is the best time to start your participation. You can join institutes like THE GATE ACADEMY offers 2 years of coaching that help you GATE success. 2 years coaching will bag you a good rank in GATE.
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