How is the GATE Pattern going to be in 2014?

The GATE pattern has constantly seen changes in the way the papers are structured as well as in other particulars. For instance, in 2013, the formula for the GATE score was changed. The previous year, the mode of examination was changed from paper-based to “online” for two surplus subjects: Agricultural Engineering and Architecture and Planning. However, for GATE 2014, the pattern of the paper is such that it should be able to cover the massive syllabus involved! The GATE 2014 is being tipped to include some changes in the pattern. It is absolutely necessary then for the aspirants to have a back-up plan in mind. They also need to get proper GATE coaching to ensure that they do well.

GATE Pattern for 2014 and GATE Coaching

The GATE 2014 is to be conducted by IIT Kharagpur, and the organizing committee has reportedly proposed a two-tier exam structure, where the screening exam will have 100 multiple choice questions. The Mains examination will be subjective and students who have cleared the screening test will be allowed to appear for this test. Each GATE paper will have 65 questions worth 100 marks in total. Of these, 10 questions, accounting for 15 marks, will be on GA. Engineering mathematics is set to carry 13 marks. For the multiple choice questions, students will be marked negatively on incorrect answers. However, for numerical questions, there isn’t any negative marking. For different papers, the pattern will change slightly. Despite speculations rife that the GATE pattern will change drastically, aspirants are advised to keep a close watch on any reliable information that comes their way and not stray from their preparations.

GATE Coaching to Help Aspirants

Despite the sweeping changes that the GATE pattern has undergone over the years, it need not be a cause for worry, since the exam always looks to test the fundamentals and doesn’t pose problems for those adept at the core basics. Recently, The GATE Academy, a renowned GATE preparation institute, has introduced procGATE and tabGATE, two programmes to assist aspirants in their pursuit of higher studies and good jobs. These are technology aided systems, where students can gain experience with the GATE pattern and get acquainted with the basics of engineering, science and technology. These programmes help with online mock tests and help students prepare through study, revision, analysis and assessment of their preparation levels. It is not a cause for worry if the GATE pattern changes, since with a calculated temperament and effective GATE coaching most can hope to conquer the odds.
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