GATE 2015 Syllabus

GATE 2015 is a one-way ticket to success for engineers, provided you score well. It is possible to get a high score and pave your way into leading institutes for M. Tech. Not merely for further education, GATE scores are now recognized by several PSUs that are hiring based on the GATE score. Some of the leading PSUs that require a high GATE score for requirement include names like BHEL and Indian Oil. Also, private companies do take a note of your GATE score as an added advantage for recruiting purposes. The fact that you would be preparing for GATE 2015 would help you to enhance your knowledge and skill in your stream. However, it is important to know the GATE 2015 syllabus to start your preparation with ease.

Things to Note About the GATE 2015 Syllabus

There are a few things that one would need to know about the GATE syllabus for 2015, to clear any doubts about any stream. All the following information is common to all the streams that you could opt for in GATE 2015:
  • General Aptitude Syllabus remains the same in all the GATE streams and is a must to master for all streams as this allows you the opportunity to score beyond your knowledge of simply your stream.
  • There are 22 streams in the GATE 2015 exams. Each of these streams has its own syllabus that basically explains all the basic themes that one has to master.
  • The GATE 2015 exams are focused on the application of knowledge and not simply the knowledge. Hence, it is recommended to clear each of the themes in the GATE syllabus and practice test papers and mock tests.
If you wish to appear for the GATE 2015 exams, it is important to strategize the game plan for its preparation as early as possible. This is considering the vastness of the GATE syllabus. Remember, the GATE syllabus has been laid down with the intention of picking out the best +minds in engineering for the benefit of both students as well as the country. So, competitiveness in the GATE exams is inevitable.

It is recommended that you check out the GATE syllabus and start your preparations as early as possible. GATE 2015 will be more competitive than the exams held previously, as the trend has been of an increasing number of students appearing every year. For detailed GATE syllabus for any of the 22 streams in GATE 2015, click here.

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