Does GATE exam gives you a flexibility to change your stream ?


A lot of students plan to switch their stream for or PSU through GATE exam. Is it really possible to change stream through GATE and get good score? Yes it is, GATE gives you this flexibility of changing your stream. To support this answer we have Sreyans Nahata’s ( AIR 9) experience on this.

“GATE gives us great opportunities and it has surely helped me a lot. For those having a bad CGPA it gives them a clean slate to start with as all the Institutes require CGPA only as a cut-off. Many people ask me if they can join a stream which is not of their interest but will help them in getting into better college for through GATE exam. So, my answer to them is never do so. Studying for four years the subjects that you are not interested in is a tough job, you should have interest in the field before joining or else those four years would be hard to pass. Take GATE only as the last option to change stream.”

There are few considerations that might impact your decision:
  • Ensure to check colleges you are targeting allows you switch stream.
      Some Institutes allows you to apply in a different stream. But under some constraints. Below is an example to explain you this criteria:
Candidate's Education Profile Specialized Branch of Civil Engineering
Engineering Degree of Candidate GATE Paper Attended by Candidate Construction Engineering Remote Sensing
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Eligible Eligible
Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Not Eligible Eligible
Electronics & Communication Engineering Civil Engineering Not Eligible Eligible
In reference to above table, you can see after switching your stream from ECE to CE you would not be eligible for core subjects like Construction Engineering but you can apply for subjects like remote sensing. Different institutes have different criteria. So better go through the websites of all the good institutes where you are likely to apply and check if you are eligible for M.Tech CE if you qualify GATE CE.
    • Most of the PSU’s consider both and GATE exam stream. PSU recruiting through GATE has this eligibility criteria that you should have same stream in both and GATE.
    • GATE exam is based on engineering concepts. To crack GATE and secure good marks, you need to study all basic concepts. So, you should be ready to study new set of subjects.
Conclusion:There are some considerations to keep in mind before taking the decision of switching stream through GATE. Considering all the factors if still you want to switch your stream then you should prepare well. You can get good rank like Sreyans Nahata. It is not some thing difficult or impossible if you are well prepared and focused.
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