Changes in The GATE 2014 Syllabus, Pattern and Dates

There are minor changes in the GATE 2014 Syllabus, besides the fact that all the papers will have to be written online. While this is good news for some, there have also been some minor GATE Pattern changes that will affect everyone. There have been rumours that the GATE exam will be separated into Prelims and Mains, given that a large percentage of students did not appear for the exam despite registration in 2013.The GATE committee is already busy with setting all the papers online and has not made too many changes to the 2014 Syllabus.

Changes in the GATE 2014 Syllabus

The best way to make sure that you have planned ahead for your preparation is to check out the GATE 2014 Syllabus and organise your schedule accordingly. Every stream has its syllabus requisite and regardless of minor changes in the syllabus, the basics will always remain the same, since the core subjects and concepts don’t change.

Changes in the GATE Pattern

Once you have started studying for the exams, the GATE syllabus will always serve as your reference guide and you can go ahead with some good progress in preparation. But it is important to understand the type of questionnaire and pattern that the exams are set in. The GATE 2014 Pattern has not changed much, although it is always best to go over it to understand the type of questions that you are likely to face. The 2014 examination will be three hours long and consist of sixty five questions. This will be a single paper worth 100 marks.

Changes in the GATE Exam Dates

The great thing about these exams is that they are held mostly around the same time each year. GATE Exam forms will be available by the first week of October. First week of November is the time when the form filling will end. The GATE exam is generally held in the second Sunday of February each and the results are out by March 15. It is important to remember that only the qualified candidates will have the scorecard sent to them. When you check details about the GATE exams and the GATE syllabus, you will realize it is important to understand what you don’t know more than what you know already. You will gain confidence with time, as you continuously fill in the gaps. For any queries related to GATE, feel free to contact us.
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