Benefits of Appearing for GATE 2015

Benefits of Appearing for GATE 2015

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most anticipated competitive exams in the field of engineering in India. Hundreds of thousands of students prepare for the GATE exam every year. In fact, more than 10,00,000 students may be aspiring to crack GATE 2015. Why are engineering students so enthusiastic about these competitive exams? Well, there are several reasons for GATE 2015 being considered as the most important exam in the career path of an engineer. While this is an optional exam, it opens many doors for the brightest engineering future in India. It all starts with the eight institutes that organize the GATE exams across the country, representing the National Coordination Board – GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and Government of India.

5 Major Benefits of Appearing For GATE 2015

The eight institutes that will be organizing GATE 2015 are IISc (Indian Institute of Science) and the seven IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). Each year one of these institutes takes the ownership of conducting the exams. For GATE 2015, IIT Kanpur will be the organizing institute. Here are the 5 main reasons for which an engineer aspires to crack GATE 2015:

  1. Students who perform well and get a respectable score for GATE 2015 would be eligible to seek admission in the top engineering institutes in the country. This includes the prestigious IITs.
  2. Some of the leading PSUs of India are hiring through the GATE exams. There are 15 PSUs that signed the MoU with GATE to consider the scores for GATE 2014. The number of PSUs accepting the GATE 2015 score may be even higher.
  3. Your GATE scorecard could help you get scholarships for your post graduation tuition fees. Scholarships of Rs. 8,000 per month would be offered to those who qualify GATE 2015. This is a grant sanctioned by AICTE.
  4. If you are seeking admission in a foreign institute to complete your post graduation, your GATE score may be recognized here as well.
  5. A number of leading private sector companies in the field of engineering and IT consider and recruit GATE qualifiers as well.

How GATE Coaching Can Help You

Given that the competition increases every year, you need to be thoroughly prepared for GATE 2015. Coaching would help you clear your concepts and assist you in understanding how to apply your knowledge to solve test problems. You can ask questions freely and get all your doubts cleared. GATE coaching would also help you be more disciplined about your preparations and keep you abreast of any changes in the GATE 2015 syllabus. Classroom coaching allows you to interact with different students and learn from them as well.

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