Raw Water | Environmental Engineering | CE

Real Life Application A study of water supply system, starting from the intake of the water from a source and then caring out the necessary treatment for the purification of the water so that it is safe for potable purpose and can be supplied to a city. Explanation The raw water engineering involves the determination of the total quantity of water required for a city in an entire year and then to find a source which can fulfill the water demand for a particular city. Water is then taken from that source and is brought to a treatment facility, where the impurities are removed from the raw water. Generally, a raw water treatment plant consists of treatment units like Screens, Aeration tank, Coagulation-flocculation tank, Sedimentation tank, Filters and last process used is Disinfection. These processes together remove heavy impurities, suspended solids, dissolved matter or gases and pathogens. After all these treatment, water is stored in a service reservoir and then it can be supplied to the city through a Distribution system.
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