Matrix Methods

Why this Video is Important? Matrix Methods in structural analysis is an entire subject which is also known as ‘Advance Structural Analysis.’ This video will give a basic idea about how we approach to solve problems to next level. Real Life Applications: Now-a-days all the real life structures have designed by different type of software like few are design software, few are analysis software, few are finite element analysis based. But all of them are based on matrix methods. Explanation: If we consider any structure, there is always P-? analysis (Load deformation Analysis). Now the equation is like P= K. ? or M = K.?, so there is a term K which is known as ‘Stiffness’. The opposite to stiffness is known as ‘Flexibility’. Now how to generate the stiffness and flexibility matrix, that is the main discussion in this chapter. In this video we will only discuss about flexibility matrix only.
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