Bracket Connections (by bolts)

Real Life Applications: In any steel structure the column part is generally connected by a plate or rather gusset plate. A no. of series of bolts can be used to connect bolt and column. But there is a certain maximum load which can be applied on the connection. Explanation: Brackets are projections that carry loads. The connection of a bracket to a support has to transmit both shear and moment. Fasteners or welds may be used for the purpose. Connections may be made with fasteners or welds subjected only to shear or to combined shear and tension. The video shows a plate bracket connected with bolts in single shear. Each fastener is subjected to a shear load and a load due to moment. The load due to moment on any fastener acts normal to the radius vector from the center of gravity O of the fastener group to the fastener. The maximum load due to moment is given in the video content. The resultant of this load and the shear load must be less than the allowable capacity of the fastener. Sectorial addition of the loads due to bending and shear must be performed for the critical fasteners to determine the maximum value of the applied load.
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