MOS Capacitor | Electronics Device and Circuits | EC

Real Life Applications: MOS Capacitor is basically a two terminal MOSFET. Beauty of this capacitor is it will be generally used under equilibrium. All the Enhancement properties of MOSFETs are coming from MOS Capacitor. Why MOSCAP is important? In the GATE point of view, this topic is hot favourite of the GATE committee. In last 2-3 years, questions are coming respectively from MOSCAP. It is suggested to students to study this topic thoroughly. Explanation: MOS Capacitor known as MOS-Capacitor is a fundamental concept of MOS Technology. MOS is one of the versatile technologies as it can be used to make different elements like capacitor, resistor, amplifier and constant current source. The biggest advantage of this technology is miniaturization as the packing density is very high. Here in this lecture, we learn about MOSCAP in a thorough manner which will help a lot in general understanding of MOS transistors. The regions of operation of MOSCAP i.e., Accumulation, Depletion and Inversion are discussed. The uniqueness of MOSCAP is it is a voltage variable capacitor.
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