Even and Odd Signals | Signals and Systems | EC

Real Life Applications: Symmetry is an important property in Signals. Even in nature, it is observed that symmetry plays an important role whether it is a human body or plants around us. It also adds an aesthetic sense to it. It can help to reduce computations and therefore reduce the delay in processing. Its a basic concept that is learnt so that it will help in other advanced topics like Fourier series and Transform etc. Explanation: Signal is said to be even or symmetric if the time reversed signal is equal to the signal itself. Signal is an odd or anti-symmetric when the time reversed signal is equal to negation of signal. When signal does not satisfy the above two, it is non-Symmetric in nature. This topic, can be related with the concept of transpose in engineering mathematics where the symmetric and skew symmetric matrices are discussed. Shortcut to find whether the signal is even or odd just by looking at the graph has been discussed. In case the signal is neither even nor odd, the signal can be written in terms of even component and odd component. The Video contains the formulae for the same. In Actual classes we apply the concept for the complex valued signals which are encountered in analysis.
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